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Hibistonic Ultra-Hydrating Facial Toner, 100 ML

  • Brands: AMI IYÖK
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SEK 490.00
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Hibistonic Ultra-Hydrating Facial Toner, 100 ML

Hibistonic - Ultra-Hydrating, Antioxidant Facial Toner - tones the skin and prepares it for subsequent treatments.

Captivating aqueous solution with a forest scent reminiscent of the sweetness of nature with a pleasant invigorating sensation.

The application of Hibistonic toner restores the skin's pH level that may have been affected following deep cleansing.   It is the second step in the daily routine: the ideal time to continue slow-ageing treatment, promoting the skin's elasticity with Hibiscus-Eco and providing a large number of antioxidants thanks to the combination of Witch Hazel and Ginkgo Biloba, which tones and stimulates the skin and prepares itforthe next step in the routine.

Use following exfoliation with EXFONAT and prior to applying treatment with the unifying serum MY PERFECT SKIN.

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