Ami Iyök

Ami Iyok ecosmetics is a new brand established in Barcelona with an international scope, comprising a full range of 13 organic face and body cosmeceuticals, certified by Natrue and EcoControl  GmbH.  It is inspired in the depths of the Amazon rainforest and the essence of the Mediterranean. Ami Iyok means “Mother Earth” according to the Bribri ethnic group, a tribe in Central America that is home to some of the greatest biodiversity in the world, and one of the few ethnic groups to continue to harness natural resources for beauty treatments today. Cosmetics, design and technology are three core pillars of the brand, applied with integrity and with respect for the environment and for people. The brand promotes the “SLOW AGEING” concept across its range, to convey the effectiveness of its products, in which the Earth’s resources are combined with the most cutting-edge technology. The brand brings together a variety of ingredients, from liquid gold from the Amazon (Sacha Inchi Oil) whose application for international patent registration has triggered disputes between multinationals and international committees on account of its properties that are highly beneficial for the skin, to traditional organic Mediterranean Olive Oil. The brand uses organic eco-friendly packaging (patented model). Featuring a patented foldable and reusable design, it is made from poplar wood originating from certified plantations that are strictly controlled. The violet glass jars, made using biophotonic technology, block the entire spectrum of visible light, with the exception of ultraviolet light, allowing the passage of a small amount of UV-A and infrared radiation to guarantee optimum protection against the ageing process caused by visible light and prolonging the shelf-life and effectiveness of the products. All ingredients are 100% natural and organically grown, controlled by own laboratories and by EcoControl BDIH, which together with the international certification Natrue and its strict standards, ensure the traceability and quality of raw materials and products.