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Decou-Vert, 100 EdP

1,030 SEK
Ex Tax: 824 SEK


Décou-Vert is born to fulfill the goal to gather three different types of fragrances, often considered at odds: flowery notes, those genuinely vegetables and the socalled “green”. A blind frame lifted us to a brand new experience, in which we could feel the colors and perceive a hint of a sultry magnolia carried by the rustle of green leaves and we were enormously amazed when we realized how the unusual combination led to a watery scent. A true discovery: Décou-Vert.

Look beyond the leaves, the sharp vegetation: it appears to be green all over. Décou- Vert is released into the air and the green surrenders to a variety of colors, a lively and vibrant palette of flowers and leaves. Light notes flirt with bright notes evoking an original kaleidoscope. Breathtaking. The base notes bring peace back, thanks to the intriguing musky and woody notes. Décou-Vert is the astonishment coming from the hazardous meeting of an oasis in the middle of the forest. An olfactive surprise.

Top notes: Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves

Middle notes: Lilac, Jasmine, Magnolia

Base notes: Musks, Light woods, Magnolia’s pollen

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