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Eye Serum Glam, 15 ML

  • Brands: AMI IYÖK
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Eye Serum Glam, 15 ML

Eye Countour Repair Serum combats and prevents the most pronounced expression lines in this area, as well as under-eye bags and dark circles.

EYE SERUM GLAM is a light gel with a neutral fragrance suitable for the eye contour area. Rapidly absorbed, it penetrates to provide a feeling of tautness, achieving a more youthful appearance immediately.

The eye contour area is the most fragile and delicate area on the face and the entire body. It has fewer collagen fibres and external factors affect this area more severely. Eye Serum Glam for sensitive skin has been formulated to reduce the signs of fatigue and stress. Malva Sylvestris stimulates circulation and decongestion, combating puffiness and dark circles. Hyaluronic Acid, Soy Proteins and Tens'UpTM are conducive to an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect. Aloe Vera, Sacha lnchi, Olive Oil and Rose Hip Oil complement one another to provide moisture and nutrition. All these active ingredients have the same purpose: to prevent and combat the signs of ageing which are more pronounced in this area due to its unique features.

After treating the eye contour area, we must not forget the remainder of the face. The unifying serum MY PERFECT SKIN may be used as a face treatment, as well as a specific day moisturiser suited to the skin's needs (IY0K BALANCE or DRYSKIN OASIS) and a nourishing night cream (ULTRARICH DREAM).

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