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Flamenco, 50 ML

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Flamenco, 50 ML

I have submerged myself in an art known for its great emotional intensity and which comes from something rooted in my cultural origins, flamenco. Distinguished by its wild gestures, ferocious foot stamping, profound laments and guitar flourishes. Flamenco, my olfactory manifesto to the Andalusian character tattooed with fire on the soul of Spain. Intoxicating emotion expressed in song, guitar and dancing which, under the spell of the Alhambra, transcends in perfume: salty tears, like the southern dew, a fan of orange flower petals, rose and jasmine, interwoven with sandal and cedar wood with a base of voluptuous nectar of saffron stamens, amber and musk. Flamenco is a profound and passionate art... it’s a unique state of mind. It’s my forbidden hypnotic fruit!

Top notes: Raspberry, Violet, Orris

Heart notes: Red Rose, Jasmine, Rosewood

Base notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

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