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Spot Powder 1,2g

  • Brands: VITABRID C¹²
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Vitabrid C12 SPOT Powder 1,2g

Delivers active vitamin C deep into the skin to effectively clear and repair your skin. Provides excellent sebum control, has anti-bacterial effects, and decreases the recovery time of the troubled area. This safe solution helps clear up your skin with no side effects.

1. Key Benefits

• Troubled area care

• Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

• Soothes and moisturizes the skin

• Skin texture improvement

2. Main Features

• Vitamin C spot care for 12 continuous hours

• Deeply penetrates and protects the skin by delivering Vitamin C and restraining acne bacteria

• Safe acne treatment from trouble care to skin soothing & moisturizing effect with more powerful ingredients - FREE from harmful ingredients and only used ingredients above EWG 3rd grade. It is absorbed in the troubled area, controlling excessive sebum and removes skin waste.

• Contains ‘Madecassoside’ to reduce skin troubles

• Mild prescription to reduce skin irritation by reducing side effects of salicylic acid

• Contains whitening / wrinkle - improving ingredients to make acne damaged skin clean, smooth, and even

• Clear skin after 2 weeks with powder treatment

• Can be mixed with Spot Ampoule for more intensive spot care – For a more intensive spot care, it is recommended to be used with SPOT Acne Ampoule. For a more soothing & moisturizing care, it is recommended to be used with SPOT

Sensitive Ampoule.

3. Directions

1. Mix an appropriate amount of the powder with one or two drops of a Vitabrid C 12 SPOT Ampoule, or similar product of your choice, in the palm of your hand.

2. Apply mixture to troubled area.

4. Ingredients

• Vitabrid CG (Active & stable vitamin C) - ascorbic acid, zinc oxide, glyceryl monostearate

• Niacinamide - Brightening and acne scar improvement

• Adenosine - Wrinkle improvement / improved skin elasticity

• Serine, betaine, hydrolyzed collagen - Skin moisturizing and smoothing

• Madecasoside - Acne trouble relieving, skin soothing, anti-inflammation, anti-bacteria

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