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Nasomatto is a collection of individual and innovative scents where each fragnance is the concentration of different feelings such as happiness, strength, love or hysteria. Nasomatto's fragrances are made by hand and captured in a highly concentrated perfume oil, they extract perfume. Perfume concentration is higher than 25-30 percent, which is very rare and gives a lot of perfume that you only need a fraction of. 

Nasomatto means crazy nose. The brand has the complex of scents that express completely different personalities and leave no one untouched. You either love it or hate it! 

Alessandro Gualtieri  is the brain behind the cult brand. He is an Italian perfume maker who calls himself the appropriate name "The Nose". Alessandro has created scents for brands like Versace, Helmut Lang and Fendi, but he had difficulty adjusting and never fit in with the larger companies. It was only when he put together his own laboratory that he got total freedom to create a collection that has become both innovative and unique. Alessandro sees the fragrance as a catalyst behind every action and decision, therefore he creates scents that enhance our emotions. Duro for strength, Black Afgano for happiness, Absinth for hysteria.