Laboratorio Olfattivo is a new venture dedicated to artistic perfumery. It offers an innovative collection of fragrances in which artistic research and the art of perfume making play the leading role. It is an artistic workshop in constant ferment, energized by perfume artists who work in total freedom, without any constraints on their creativity. We like to consider it a magical space where the inspirations, ideas, visions and endeavours of the most eclectic noses currently on the scene come together, producing creative sparks and dream fragments that are then transformed by Laboratorio Olfattivo into fine fragrances. 

This new venture is devoid of strict rules and marketing strategies, which means that every creation is born in a completely free environment from the nose’s personal inspiration. Each single fragrance has its own special story and for this reason is completely unique. It is the creative and emotional expression of the artist’s olfactory vision of beauty, history and nature. It is the nose’s tribute to the perfume world. These freely-conceived creations have one thing in common – they evoke elegance and uniqueness, features that more than anything else characterize artistic perfumery.