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Bravo, 50 ML

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  • Tillgänglighet: 2-3 Days

SEK 1.900,00 Exkl.moms: SEK 1.520,00

Bravo, 50 ML

This work is an ode to virtuosity, courage and power.

To create it I have journeyed back to the origins of perfume, to when it was created through smoke, from the Latin “per fumum”.

It’s the powerful magic created by burning the wood of agar, cedar and fir.

A chord enriched with rose petals and seasoned with white jasmine flowers, like in a classic hookah, with the combined flavour of cassis,

strawberry and apricot.

There is a trace of Spanish leather at the heart of the perfume, tanned with clove, cinnamon and artemisia so that it settles in the skin to

give a pleasurable experience of the nobility of amber, the firmness of oakmoss and the sensuality of musk.

TOP: Pine needle, Artemisia Strawberry, Cassis

HEART: Rose, Jasmine, Clove, Cinnamon, Cedarwood

BASE: Oud, Smoke Leather, Oakmoss, Amberwood

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