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Hair and Body Wash Travel Size, 2x 100ML Double Pack

  • Brands: SAAL & CO
  • 9120070770106
  • Tillgänglighet: I lager

SEK 280,00
Exkl.moms: SEK 224,00

Hair and Body Wash Travel Size - 2x 100ML Double Pack

A product with both a cleansing as well as a revitalizing purpose require a selection and balance of corresponding ingredients.
Made for a morning, post-workout or evening shower, the 011 Hair & Body Wash combines the needs of a man’s body as well as scalp and hair. The 011 provides effective cleansing with a refreshing, revitalizing sensation, making it a potent yet not aggressive companion for most men and skin types.  
Suited for - Normal to dry skin.
Feel after use - Clean, revitalized and rehydrated.
Key ingredients - Macadamia nut oil, birch sap and wheat protein.
Key features  - Multi-purpose product, optimal cleanliness effect + rehydration of the skin to avoid dryness after use.

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