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Cabaret Nocturne 75 ml, EdP

  • Brands: Visiteur
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1,500 SEK
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Cabaret Nocturne 75 ml, EdP 

The creations of V/SITEUR will take you on a journey to specific places and moments in time. Each with its own balance between light and darkness. Just like life itself.

Sensations are temporary. Memories fade. In the end, we are just visitors in our own reality.

Olfactive description 

THE PRESENT.               THE PAST 

Gin accord                     Powedry notes

Pink papper                  Tuberose

Orange                          Tobacco

Smoke                            Cumin

Sandal wood                 Animalic notes

“A trendy bar in Lisbon used to be a brothel. Today, it’s a vibrant venue where the young go to enjoy themselves. Drinks are poured, glances are exchanged. The ambiance and decadent decor whisper dark secrets of the ghosts that still live within these walls.”

Perfumer: Cécile Zarokian

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