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Che Fico! Diffuser

460 SEK
Ex Tax: 368 SEK

Che Fico!  Diffuser

CHE FICO! (What a Fig! )

What is more Mediterranean than a fig tree? The green and relaxing freshness of its generous leaves, the tasty sweetness of its fruits, the colourful and milky wood of its elegant grey bark… The en plein air emphasis of its vegetal and fresh touch takes us towards a soft, fruity heart and then settles on gourmand and woody notes, transporting us to a dream of abundance and fertility.

Fig Leaves Accord, Galbanum, Bay tree Essential Oil
Petitgrain Essential Oil, Black Currant, Fig Accord, Stemone
Labdanum Absolute, Raspberry and dried Fig Accord, Fig Bark, Virgin Cedar Essential Oil

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