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Dama Bianca hair mist 30

  • Brands: CASAMORATI
  • Product Code: 8033488154370
  • Availability: Pre-Order

660 SEK
Ex Tax: 528 SEK

DAMA BIANCA Hair Mist, 30 

A bouquet of delicate white flowers finishing in a sensual and creamy drydown.
With the Dama Bianca Hair Mist, you can maintain your hair and your fragrance simultaneously – no more clashing! Every movement of the hair releases a little of this noble fragrance and bathes you in a cloud of scent that lasts all day!
The Hair Mist helps to maintain the natural moisture levels in the hair and also to strengthen its quotient of keratin, the protein responsible for hair strength and flex. The Hair Mist revives the natural luster of your hair, adds volume, and bestows a silky shine.

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