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Fantomas Perfume extract 30 ML

  • Brands: NASOMATTO
  • Product Code: 8717774840344
  • Availability: In Stock

1,275 SEK
Ex Tax: 1,020 SEK

Fantomas Perfume extract 30 ML

A search to manipulate and amplify the power of the nose. 

Fantomas leaves an undeniable trace for further investigation, a lasting fragment embodying the wit and charm of a perfectly executed plan. 

A mysterious fragrance suitable for defiant circumstances, that seemly evokes olfactory illusions with its continuous development on the skin. 

An idea towards a more harmonious world, or its destruction... A smell of a sophisticated crime.

THE PACKAGING Inspired by the most notorious crime scenes, the packaging is an invitation to investigate, explore, and draw one’s own conclusions. The Fantomas bottle cap is made of a hazelnut wood that went through a vacuum metallization process, resulting in four reflective sides. 

As with all other Nasomatto fragrances – the whole packaging is made in Italy.

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