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Fars 50 EdP

  • Brands: XERJOFF
  • Product Code: 8033488153434
  • Availability: In Stock

2,500 SEK
Ex Tax: 2,000 SEK

Fars 50 EdP

In the court of His Majesty you are invited to a mesmerizing journey of scents which ripple like waves upon silk and brocade caftans. 

Peacocks and gazelles, the sound of ripples in a water pond, and the opulence of Persian gardens are interlaced within the enchanting aroma of Egyptian geranium, French lavender, and jasmine. 

The fragrance exhibits the glamour of royal courts thanks to the fresh Italian bergamot squeezed on luxurious flowers. 

The creamy and sensual ambergris encapsulates the seductive flowers like a pearl necklace around a divine neck. 

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