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Gran Ballo 30 Ml EdP

  • Brands: CASAMORATI
  • Product Code: 8033488154493
  • Availability: In Stock

SEK 860.00
Ex Tax: SEK 688.00

Gran Ballo 30 Ml EdP

The night was remarkable, the party was magnificent, her scent, trailing the extent of her dress, was out of this world.

Gran Ballo displays the grandeur of the 18th century tradition of aristocratic parties where young girls had the opportunity of finding their Prince Charming.

The fragrance unleashes a blend of unique syrupy honeysuckle, exquisite white gardenia, and voluptuous jasmine to emphasize the glory of a young lady in a Baroque dress.

Caramel and vanilla augment the powdery floral aura and embody her jovial love affair. 

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