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Kashan Rose, 100 EdT

1,000 SEK
Ex Tax: 800 SEK

Kashan Rose, 100 EdT

Floral - A surprising fragrance, this floral eau de toilette embodies a Persian Rose, celebrated during a Rose Festival in May in the city of Kâshân, the first oasis in the region. The scent comes along with fruity and spicy fresh head notes (Lychee, Cardamom and Rose Berries). The floral heart unveils a sublime Rose which reflects a thousand years know-how. The Ambrette seeds bring altogether a reassuring and enveloping angle. Its softness is widely appreciated in the Far East, land of wisdom.

Spectacular, sophisticated, unexpected.

Top notes: Cardamom, Sage, Pink Peppercorn, Lychee.

Middle notes: Rose, Hawthorn, Peony.

Base notes: Ambrette seeds, Sandal Wood, Musk.

Perfumer: Emilie Coppermann

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