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Kashnoir, 30 EdP

520 SEK
Ex Tax: 416 SEK

Kashnoir, 30 EdP

Narcotics flowers, psychotropic herbs and haunted spices are the main ingredients of Kashnoir, the eleventh fragrance of Laboratorio Olfattivo, created after embarking on a long journey in search of the  most forbidden and mysterious East. More than a fragrance, Kashnoir is a softly  lethal drug, that obscures reason and stuns the senses.  A powerful scent, which leads to oblivion, almost dangerous to the wearer. 

Kashnoir, a scent that starts warm and bright, alternating shades  of  fresh citrus with deep  touches of lavender. A discreet opening that leads to a hypnotic heart, full of passion, that evolves for many hours, made by a very high quality orange blossom absolute combined with an oriental velvety rose and a handful of green coriander. It’s at this stage that the fragrance literally “explodes”, revealing its most sinful soul.

This "liaison dangereuse" is joined by the almond aroma of the heliotrope and the golden-warm one of vanilla and benzoin, that round and soften the fragrance, without succeeding in taming it, to a tail that comes solemnly forward in the semblances of the most dangerous essence that exists, the patchouli. 

Top Notes

Lemon,  Bergamot, Lavender 

Heart notes

Coriander, Rose, Orange Blossom Absolute 

Base Notes

Patchouli, Benzoin,  Heliotrope, Vanilla

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