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Majaina Sin, 100 EdP

SEK 1,260.00
Ex Tax: SEK 1,008.00

Majaina Sin, 100 EdP

A Gourmand by Emilie Coppermann

A tribute to Malagasy lands
The long brown pod of Bourbon quality is at the origin of one of the most famous essence of perfumery, one of the most mouth-watering too. Chocolatey, mellow, leathery, spicy and slightly fig, the Vanilla from Madagascar is the most popular ingredient to aromatise delicacies. 
Extracted from a very fine bark, the Cinnamon from Madagascar never stops surprising us: peppered, spicy and powdered it also releases fruity top notes. Often qualified of being sparkly, the Madagascan Cinnamon gives life to any perfume composition. 
Unlike the ordinary Ginger, the quality of the fresh ginger which comes from the distillation of the still fresh rhizome gives all the characteristics of the freshly peeled Ginger to the ingredient. Spicier and more sparkly, it lasts throughout the whole evolution of the perfume.
Candied Orange Bigarade
Orange Blossom
Ginger from Madagascar

Chesnut Cream
Cinnamon from Madagascar
Maple Syrup

Tonka Bean from Guatemala 
Sandal Album
Vanilla Gold Extract 
from Madagacar

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