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Mandarino di Sicilia, 50 EdP

950 SEK
Ex Tax: 760 SEK

Mandarino di Sicilia, 50 EdP

Mandarino Di Sicilia harmonises three unique mandarin essential oils.
The first is a “light” fraction of green mandarin, a light fraction is the most delicate, volatile part of an oil and is obtained using a molecular evaporator.

The second is taken from green mandarin oil and the third from yellow mandarin oil.
Each oil is carefully extracted from the fruits skin during different stages as the oil matures.

Mandarin grows in an truly idyllic climate and the fragrance from this refreshing fruit brightly reflects a delicate fusion of long sunny days with soft rays of sunshine beaming down into an orange tangerine field, dancing with the aroma of fresh fruit.

Mandarins complete fragrance is made up from different layers of olfactory notes stemmed from the flower. From notes such as petigrain and neroli, to accords of geranium and ripeness of amber.

Green mandarin, bitter orange, yellow mandarin , petigrain, Paraguay jasmin, geranium, orange blossom Cedro, amber, musk

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