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Mimosa Tanneron, 50 EdP

950 SEK
Ex Tax: 760 SEK


Mimosa Tanneron is an ode to tenderness, sweetness, and the sensations of blossoming love.

“…I lead them to Tanneron, on the other side of the moors, on a day of howling wind, and vibrant sun. The passageway runs in the sky amidst an opulent landscape with slopes that fade away under the mimosas. 

I came home with yellow spots dancing in front of my eyes and a whirlwind of light inside me.” *. *Albert Camus et Maria Casarès, Correspondances, Gallimard 2018

The undisputed protagonist of this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena, the Nose of international renown born and grown up artistically in Grasse.

Top notes: Mimosa absolue

Heart notes: Hawthorn, Rose

Base notes: White Musk

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