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Patchouliful, 30 ML

470 SEK
Ex Tax: 376 SEK

Patchouliful, 30 ML

A King, sitting on his throne, white haired and white bearded, whit the crown on his  head but with a flowery shirt, a pareo and wearing flip-flops. This is "Patchouliful", that means in Urban Dictionary "more than beautiful"; a royal patchouli, bright, preserving its hippie spirit but giving a different vision of it, less earthy; in the style of Laboratorio Olvattivo 

Patchouliful is a perfume in constant evolution, in continuous movement, where the heart of patchouli, wound by iris and flower of frangipane, is lifted at first by the fizzy  top notes of bergamot, of cinnamon and of clove, and then lie down on a base of musks, cedarwood and cistus.

A fragrant symphony whereby every single ingredient is an instrument that contributes to the whole,  curving out  its space.

A perfume that doesn’t loose its  identity but transforms it, with an alternation of unforgettable perfumed notes

Top notes

Bergamot,  Cinnamon Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil

Heart notes

Patchouli Essential Oil, Frangipani, Iris Absolute 

Base notes

Cistus Essential Oil, Cedar Essential Oil, Musks

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