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Rem, 20 EdT

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Rem, 20 EdT

Rem, or the sea in reverse. The bestselling fragrance from Reminiscence exhales all the pleasures and exoticism of the islands.

In 1996, Zoé and Lillan brought us the immensity of the azure waves and the fragrant getaway of Rem (the anagram).

Rem is an olfactive, solar tribute to the “dolce far niente” of vacations. The fragrance evokes the sublime languor of Saint Bart’s. It captures the sweet moment when the sun heats up and the sea and the exotic flowers exhale their delicate scent. The moment when contentment reaches its height. Rem is a hymn to life. A gustative fragrance that kindles an intense and vibrant lust for life, the exquisite, timeless headiness of exoticism combining the caress of pale sand and cool breeze of freedom. A unisex perfume, Rem is the scent of desire, a unique olfactive radiance that intensifies the skin of both women and men.

For a man or woman, casual, seductive, who wants to wear a unique fragrance.

Top Notes: Fresh, Marine (Calone), Floral (Rose, Lilac, Jasmine)

Heart Notes: Woody (Essential Oil Patchouli Java), Spicy (Absolute Moroccan Fenugreek)

Base Notes: Sweet (Absolutes Madagascan Vanilla and Venezuelan Tonka Bean) Musky (White Musk)

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