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Smothing conditioning silky balm

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Soothing conditioning silky balm

This melt-in balm with Bio-Regenerative Orchid softens, moisturises and instantly restores a smooth, silky texture to the feminine intimate area. Conditioning body hair and softening regrowth, it offers a true pampering experience for women to indulge in and relish. It can be used every day to preserve the skin’s softness and elasticity, while protecting against the rubbing of underwear.

Ideal for nurturing the skin following repeated aggressions (epilation, tight underwear, etc.), this balm preserves the hydrolipidic film and creates an ultra-soft sensation.

Instructions for use: apply a small dose of balm to the entire bikini area after cleansing. It procures an instant sensation of comfort and well-being, without leaving residue in areas with body hair.

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