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Still life in Rio 50 EdP

SEK 900.00
Ex Tax: SEK 720.00

Still life in Rio 50 EdP

Still Life in Rio is a vibrant scene that depicts awakening. The elements unfurl, striking a pleasant balance, skirting the water, skirting the skin. 

A landscape with hypnotic boulders forming a myriad of tiny islands, including the familiar Sugarloaf; the enticing waters of Guanabara Bay; unparalleled light; the gentle presence
of plant life and city peaks; re ections rippling across the stone balcony whence this view was sourced. The dawning, the beginning of each material.

A visual ballet spawns poetic emotion. Rio awakens...
This ever-renewing impetus is what Still Life in Rio seeks to capture: a vibrant and expanding perfume that promises a day full of light and motion. 

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