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Uden Overdose, Parfum Sample 2 ML

  • Brands: XERJOFF
  • Product Code: 8033488158187
  • Availability: In Stock

90 SEK
Ex Tax: 72 SEK

Uden Overdose Perfume, Sample 2 ML 

Capturing the moment when the waves come crashing over the coastline, their blueness melting with the rocks, turning into foam, and returning to the sea. The moment when the perfume of bergamot lingers in one's memory bringing back stories of Italian cliffs, the sound of crashing waves, the hues of the sea. Finally, the contrast of coumarin and coffee notes, where earth, air and salt water mingle on the skin to leave behind the fragrance of a leap into the fresh water.

Notes: Lemon, Bergamott, Ginger, Tobacco flowers, Amber, Musk

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