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Vanille de Tahiti, 100 EdP

1,450 SEK
Ex Tax: 1,160 SEK


Vanille de Tahiti is a symphony of warm, exotic and gentle sweet notes. A powerful and enveloping vanilla is enriched with floral notes of ylang ylang and champaka, while chanting warm notes of amber mingle with musk and sandalwood.

Native to Central America, the plant of vanilla belongs to orchid family, it has a typical Liana shape and it grows in the humid tropical forests.  

Several varieties of vanilla exist, among those, the most vibrant is the vanilla Tahitensis. The creator of this unique fragrance is the Nose Gian Luca Perris. 

Top notes: Absolute of Ylang Ylang, Absolute of Champaca

Heart notes: Vanilla of Tahiti CO2

Base notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk

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