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Vetiver Java, 50 EdP

950 SEK
Ex Tax: 760 SEK

Perris Monte Carlo is delighted to announce an additional olfactory creation that enriches the successful BLACK COLLECTION, a range of perfumes created through extensive research into some of the world’s most exceptional raw materials. The perfumer Gian Luca Perris, Nose and Creative Director of Perris Monte Carlo, takes us to a new step of the journey discovering the world in fragrances through his new creation VETIVER JAVA. “I have been smelling different qualities of Vetiver – Haiti, Bourbon – with bold and intense scents, but too clean, transparent, linear. Then, I lingered over a Vetiver from the island of Java, less used in the perfumery, which I found intriguing, pungent, smoky, burned-like, with surprising floral, green, and spicy nuances. It wasn’t love at first sight, but at the end the arrogance of its intensity conquered me.» - Gian Luca Perris Vetiver is a tropical spontaneous plant, coming from India and Indonesia. The name vetiver derives from the Tamil idiom “vettiveru”. The peculiarity of this species is the massive and very strong roots system, growing vertically in depth up to 5 meters. For this reason, other than in perfumery, it was also used in naturalistic engineering and planted to the edges of the streets to avoid soil erosion. There are many species of vetiver, the most precious is the vetiver from Haiti, the vetiver bourbon from Réunion Island, and the vetiver from Java. According to the type of territory where it grows and the sun exposure, each species has different olfactivefacettes. It is right the richness of nuances and the complexity of its odor that it has fascinating the maîtres parfumeurs since ever. The essential oil vetiver Java is extracted by steam distillation of the roots, which are washed, cut, and left to dry under the sun. The harvest is done by hand, from December to September. The process of distillation requires more than 24 hours. On average,150 kilos of dried roots give 1 kilo of essential oil. It has a peculiar odor, which can be described as woody, earthy, smoky, and burned-like, with floral, green, and spicy facets. VETIVER JAVA A unique interpretation of the vetiver essence. A fresh start of Bergamot from Calabria, Grapefruit, and Timur Pepper, that immediately gives way to the woody heart of the Vetiver Java, unusually accompanied by the floral accents of the Absolute of Geranium. Ambery notes and musk give a warm and intense dry-down. A bold and charismatic perfume. NOTES: HEAD: Bergamot from Calabria, Grapefruit, Timur Pepper HEART: Geranium Absolute, Vetiver Java DRY-DOWN: Amber, Musk

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