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Spot Essence 30ml

  • Brands: VITABRID C¹²
  • Product Code: 8809395251583
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SEK 260.00
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VITABRID C¹² SPOT Essence 30 ml

Specially formulated essence, intended for use with Vitabrid C12SPOT Powder, controls oil-moisture balance by soothing and hydrating the skin leaving it clean and healthy looking.

1. Key Benefits

•Moisture supply to troubled areas

•Oil/moisture balance

•Skin regeneration

2. Main Features

•Moisturizing gel essence -Moisturizing gel formulation that is gently absorbed by the skin

•Can be used on all skin types

•Safe Acne Essence with EWG Green Grade –EWG Green grade: Safe for both oily and sensitive skin

•8 natural ingredients to soothe / hydrate skin -Contains 8 natural ingredients to soothe, hydrate and calm the skin while strengthening the skin barrier

•Contains rose oil and rosehip oil

3. Directions:

Apply an appropriate amount to troubled spots or entire face.

* Tip: Mix with Vitabrid C12SPOT Powder and apply to entire face or use alone as a finisher after applying powder and ampoule mixture to troubled area.

4. Ingredients:

•Bamboo water - Pore size reduction, Antibacterial effect

•Rosehip Oil -Skin cleansing

•Allantoin/ green tea / cinnabar / michi-hyun/ aloe veraleaves / tea tree / karendura/ chamomile.

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