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Woody Mood Sample 1,2 ml

46 SEK
Ex Tax: 37 SEK

Bewitching and intense, Woody Mood features strong tones that echo the immensity of the giant sequoias. 
One approaches this fragrance the same way the mysterious heroine does the forest. A clearing, a hypnotic light that summons curiosity: bright notes of bergamot and ginger lead the way, then an accord of sequoia, black tea, incense, and Jatamansi (Himalayan spikenard) settles in, followed by the final enchanting notes of styrax, leather, and patchouli.
Perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour

TOP NOTES: Bergamot Ginger Clary Sage Saffron
HEART NOTES: Sequoia Accord Jatamansi Black Tea Incense
BASE NOTES: Patchouli Styrax Leather Accord Cocoa Powder

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