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Zafar 50 EdP

  • Brands: XERJOFF
  • Product Code: 8033488153762
  • Availability: In Stock

SEK 3,100.00
Ex Tax: SEK 2,480.00

Zafar 50 EdP

Zafar is a souvenir from the remote lands of Arabia where the art of perfumery and the ancient knowledge of natural raw materials meet artistic talents to compose the rarest of blends. 

Such a life-long study and experience result in an intense and highly enigmatic beauty made by tobacco-like apple and piercing black pepper which invite you into a perplexing maze. The exquisite rose, untamed oud and fervent incense bring the fragrance to an unusual and incomparably smoky, dark and delectable degree. 

Zafar is an achievement in perfumery thanks to its exquisite ingredients, exclusive mastery and talent. 

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